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A Beautiful Sunday Ride................



Two New Approved Stallions.....Congratulations!!!!!!!!!   Felle 422 (Lolke X Gerlof) and Fridse 423 (Teunis X Nammen)

April 15th, 2005


***Stars of Signature Friesians, 2004***

September 15, 2004


Hot off the Press.......5 New Approved Stallions!!!!!Doaitsen 420(WanderXReitse), Eibert 419(FolkertXReitse), Dries 421(JasperXHearke), Arjen 417(ErikXNikolaas) and Beintse 418(JelkeXJakob).  Congratulations to the horses and thier owners!!!

March 11,2004




Jan 10,2004


Anton 343 Coming to the States Jan 10,2004


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News Flash November 26, 2003

Approved Stallions Nanning, Karel and Lolke are approved on offspring.

Adel, Nanno, Leikele, Pilgrim and Bearend are Unapproved.


2002 Stallion Show

2003 Stallion Show

The New 2003 FPS Approved Stallions

Otte 375 Coming To The States

Sibald 380 Coming To The States

Erik 351 Coming to The States

Syste 385 Coming to The States

Rintse 386 Coming to The States

Leikele 364  Coming to The States

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