Sape 381 Sport (Fabe X Feitse P)

  Breeder: Fokke van de Velde, NL

  Owner: Carolyn Schian and William Gish

  Standing At: Signature Friesians, LLC


  Fabe x Feitse P x  Naen P x Nuttert

  Stamline 50-MP+SP Prestm+MP+MP+SP+MP

  Descendant from the rare Age Line

  Inbreeding 0.78%

  Relationship Value 16.5%

  168cm or 16.2+ Hands

  KFPS Sport Stallion


  2015 North American Stud Fee: $1,500.00

  Fresh/Cooled Semen overnight

     Multiple Mare Discounts-

         $200 off 2nd mare and each additional

  2015 North America Breeding Contract

  Breeding Fee Payment Plan agreement


  KFPS Stallion Info - PDF

  Blood Type Factors


  FHANA Article Oct./Nov. 2010



Sape 381 is one of the premier KFPS approved breeding stallions in the world. Some of his accomplishments include 2001 KFPS World Champion Stallion, 2002 Reserve Champion, 2004 Reserve Champion and earning his Sport title in 2010. Not only is he a champion himself but passes the same qualities onto his offspring. With a extremely high Ster Mare % and 1st & 2nd Premie foal %, Sape 381 has proven to be a great asset to the Friesian horse.

A stallion with much expression in appearance and in gaits.  With a strong hind leg and  freedom he exhibits in his shoulder  allows him to propel forward giving that large and reaching trot  that is so sought after.

His honest nature  makes him a pleasure to work with. This impressive stallion has been an amazing example of what the Friesian breed exemplifies .  Offspring of Sape are balanced, strong gaits with much stride and gentle natured.


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  Bene 476 (Doaitsen X Leffert P)

  Breeder: Signature Friesians

  Owner: Carolyn Schian

  Standing At: Signature Friesians, LLC


  Doaitsen x Leffert P x Oege P x Naen P

  Stamline 50-SP+S+SP+SP+MP+MP+SP+MP+MP

  Inbreeding- 2,73%

  Relationship Value 17.5%

  166cm or 16. 1+ Hands


  CO Test Scores-

    87 pts Riding

      9 walk, 8 trot, 7.5 canter, 7.5 balance,

      8 suppleness, 7.5 transitions, 7.5 impulsion

    87 pts IBOP Driving

      9 walk, 8 trot, 7 balance, 8 suppleness

      8 transitions, 7.5 impulsion

    85.5 pts Show Driving


  2015 North America Stud Fee: $1500.00

  Fresh/Cooled Semen overnight

     Multiple Mare Discounts-

         $200 off 2nd mare and each additional

  2015 North America Breeding Contract

   Breeding Fee Payment Plan agreement 



  Blood Type

 2015 Netherlands Stud Fee: Ask

  Frozen Semen available in the NL!!!




     Bene 476 (pronounced Bay-na), formally Bonne fan Signature Friesians, was approved in March 2013 by the KFPS for breeding. In the 70 day test he scored extremely high in all three disciplines, 87 points for the Riding test, 87 points for the IBOP Driving test and 85.5 points for the Show Driving test. These scores are the highest scores ever to be received in each discipline for stallions approved in North America. He is, also, the highest testing stallion worldwide since 2009, when former two time champion Uldrik 457 went through the testing! Bene 476 scored 9ís for the walk in riding as well as IBOP driving! (highest of any stallion in the last 12 years).  Also, he scored extremely high with 8's in his trot in both Riding and Driving! (tied for 4th in the last 12 years)

     Bene 476 stems from a proven motherline- the famous stamline 50. His mother, a Ster-Preferent mare, -- continuing on with S+SP+SP+MP+MP+SP+MP+MP. Bene 476 is a very impressive stallion strong in Friesian type/luxury.  3 amazing, powerful gaits!  Bene 476 has an honest,  incredible, willing, character which makes him a special horse to handle/ train.  With an outstanding, strong walk, a powerful, ground covering, supple trot and a phenomenal, balanced canter gives Bene 476 has extreme FEI potential. His conformation is balanced, he shows much expression and his work ethic is unsurpassed.    This makes him a very unique and special Friesian Stallion! He is 166 cm tall or  16.1+  Hands and growing.

     Bene 476 sire is Doaitsen 420 then behind that you have an impressive 3 Preferent stallions, Leffert Pref x Oege Pref x Naen Pref!


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photos: Marc DiLeo


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  Fetse 349 (Feitse P X Djurre)

  Breeder: J. Bosma, NL

  Owner: F. de Jong and J. Bosma, NL

  Standing At: Hengstenstation Spannenburg, Tjerkgaast, Nl



  Feitse P x Djurre x Reitse P x Ritske P

  Stamline 133-S+MP+S+S

  Relationship Value 19.3%

  162cm or 15.3+ Hands


  Stud Fee: $1,250.00 when confirmed in foal at 45 Days

  Dose Fee: $180.00

  Frozen Semen Only

  2011 Breeding Contract

  KFPS Stallion Info - PDF


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