Jildo (Leffert Preferent X Oege Preferent X Hearke Preferent) is a sweet 7 yr old mare.  She received a 3rd premie in 2009 with very nice remarks from the judges, almost making ster, she should definitely be tried again.  Jildo is highly intelligent and blast to work with.  She always gives 200%.  A bright mare with a very charismatic personality.  She is broke to ride and dream to ride.   Naturally talented for dressage, will progress quickly, Outstanding walk, super easy to sit trot!   Outstanding work ethic! Jildo is proven mother, easy breeder.  She is currently in foal to Teade for a May 2010 foal and comes with a breeding to Sape 381.  This fun mare will be a wonderful addition to your family.  Great ground manners, easy with everything.  She stems from stamline 12 the same stamline that produced 2010s world champion, Uldrik.  Jildo will make a fine addition to a breeding program or with someone who wants a wonderful horse to ride. 

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phone- 816-806-8817




Stam Line 12

jildert 299, abe 346, matren 377, Wierd 409

Uldrik 457


(Learn about stamlines and pedigrees on Signature Friesian's Friesian Info, motherline page)





* Leffert P X Oege P X Hearke P

*7 yr old 3e Stb mare

*Broke to ride

*Jildo is located in Missouri. 

 *16+  hands.

*DOB-  6/5/2003

*stamline- 12

*In foal to Teade, comes with breeding to Sape 381

*Due date-5/7/2010

*inbreeding- 3,12%



Leffert P X Oege P




In foal to Teade, Teade below:


Comes with breeding to Sape 381


Photos below taken September 2009