Demy fan Signature Friesians


Demy is a fantastic filly!  One of my favorites.  She has an exceptional personality, extremely funny and friendly.  Demy received a very high 2e at the 2009s inspection and was called back for the championships receiving Reserve champion filly.  Her movement is fantastic, she has the desired long lines!  Long legs and nice long neck.  A GREAT breeding prospect.  Her sire is Maeije (Beart son) and her mother is a Jillis (almost preferent).  Demy is a huge filly, not surprising as her mother produces huge babies.  Demy is expected to mature out around 17 hands, a large Friesian.  Demy has a very beautiful pedigree S+S(mother of the approved stallion Meier)+MP+MP+MP+MP.  She stems from stamline 2 which is a no brainer.......great stamline! She also has the Jillis background which great for Sport.  Jillis produces some fantastic sport horses.  So whether you want a talented sport horse or a breeding prospect or both, Demy would be ideal. 



Stam Line 2

Murk 194, kasper 229, oege P 267, rients 270, wypke 277, dimer 285, meier 307

oeds 318, Nanning 374, Syste 385, tsjipke 399

Take 455


(Learn about stamlines and pedigrees on Signature Friesian's Friesian Info, motherline page)





* Maeije X Jillis

*Very high 2e

*Extremely tall

*Demy is located in KS. 

 *Should mature to around 17 hands

*DOB-  March 21, 2009

*reg#- 200900820

*stamline- 2

*inbreeding- 2,73%



Photos below taken September 2009